The Farm

"Your farm tells a story...How will the next chapter begin?" -Unknown

 My family has been farming the land that is currently HB Farm since the 1940's!  During that time this ground has seen several crop successions.  I remember helping in 1975 plant raspberries on this particular acreage and when the raspberry market changed in the early 80's all of the farm was converted to Blueberries.  The biggest lessons I have learned from farming is that it isn't easy, and be ready to innovate and make changes due to market demands and conditions.  

In 2015 the market for Blueberries was inundated with a huge amounts of Blueberries.  Farms that were planted throughout northern Washington State and even to the South started to produce they were all planted approximately 5 years earlier and the need for small producers to sell their products to a wholesaler simply dried up,  leaving our family farm stuck with Blueberries that no one wanted.   After much discussion and the desire to continue to farm, we (my husband Brandon and myself) decided to dig up and sell as many of our plants as we could and then to begin converting our fields in to flowers.  So the next chapter started.  

Farming is a lifestyle as I like to call it.   Rising early to harvest and do all of the watering and chores associated with farming and going to bed late when your body is aching from all of the hours of hard work.  This work ethic was passed down to me by my mom and dad and my Grandparents!    Family Farms are a beautiful part of this nations history and I am so happy that we are able to continue our families legacy...with Flowers!